Thursday, January 10, 2008

Update on Craigslist Earnings

My phone has been ringing off the hook all week. Everyone at work has been laughing at me because every time my phone rings I answer and say the same thing.
The guy who posted in the "wanted" section never showed up to get the bed. Said he didn't wanna come in the rain. So after a few days we decided to post it for sale on Craigslist. All week people have called and emailed about the bed, but none actually showed up. I'd tell them to call me after work at 5pm for directions. None did, some called and said they weren't coming due to rain. Today was much of the same, except one guy called at 5 sharp, came at 5:30 took one look and passed me the cash! Meanwhile, Hegazelle was meeting up with someone in front of Best Buy to sell them his tennis racket.
Tonight's total: $90.
This weekend was rather profitable as well. Friday Hegazelle sold his paintball chest protector and gloves for $25. Then he got up on Saturday morning and helped that guy move his mattress for $30. While he was gone, I decided I should put my last cell phone up for sale. I met some kid at his apartments that afternoon where he swapped me $20 for my old cell phone.
The Weekend's Total: $75.
So, here we are at Thursday with an extra $165. Not bad. I guess the headache of that constantly ringing phone was worth it after all.
And yes, there are some interesting posts on Craigslist sometimes. As was brought up in the comments of my last post, people want/need weird stuff sometimes. And sometimes the people themselves are just weird. So you gotta sift through the things that aren't a "fit" for you, and find the stuff that works. We started as sellers- getting rid of our junk. Then when we thought we had no more to sell, that's when we turned to the "wanted" and "gigs" sections.
I'll share a couple posts that we had a good laugh at:



My grandmother raised 2 crows from the palm tree in her yard. They fell out as babies and she nursed them to life and kept them as long as they wanted to stay. I would like to follow in her footsteps. If you find an injured baby crow please call:


Older home, need someone to help keep house up daily and care for pets. Projects need to be done to buff up the house. Already have housekeeper/yard man/painter, but need someone who can be in house and be safe guard while I work long hours (mainly 12 hour nights). Must share bedroom with older man. Already have two roommates who work long hours-pay rent-can't really help when I need them. They're straight/I'm gay. You must have your own spending money. I can offer a nice place to live near the Tower, while your're in school/working part time/just need a place to chill while you pull it together. Let's talk.

HA! The compensation? Zero dollars. Just a place to live with God knows who (or what.)
Fun stuff.


Music Eloquence said...

Congrats on your extra $$. The last few months I have been selling items on ebay that I bought from thrift stores when we lived in San Diego. I don't always get what I'm asking for, but I am clearing out a lot of junk too.
I like your site. I will come back.
BTW, came across your site via Christina's blog.

SheGazelle said...

Thanks and welcome!