Friday, January 4, 2008

There's money laying around and I'm picking it up

I know I've said it before, but I really dig Craigslist. This week, in an effort to round up some cash, Hegazelle and I have been scouring the ads. Last time I wrote about Craislist we were selling stuff. And yes, we have stuff for sale on there currently. But it's amazing what other money is out there just waiting to be had. I'll share with you some of what we found.
Under "For Sale," there's a sub-category titled "Wanted." Hegazelle looks thru this section often. This week he found a lady who was looking for any of the Cranium games. It so happens that we have one in the closet that we never play, yet somehow escaped being sold at our 2 yard sales last year. He emailed her and offered her the game for $10- she said she'd take it.
Another great place to look for money is under the category "Gigs." The subcategory "Labor" held an easy $30 for us. A guy is moving his king sized Tempur pedic mattress into a Uhaul tomorrow morning at nine and needs another set of hands. 5-10 minutes to help this guy= $30 for us.
Another guy posted in the wanted section that he will pay someone $80 for a full size bed. I have one. I emailed the guy and told him he could have the bed along with the memory foam topper and the Target comforter and sheets that are on it for $80. Since it's pouring rain tonight, he wants to come get it tomorrow.
As for the stuff we're selling right now, Hegazelle has all of his paintball gear for sale. He has this intense desire to obtain a PS2, so he's selling his paintball stuff in order to buy it. While he hasn't yet sold his gun, he met up with a guy on his way home from work today and picked up $25 for his gloves and chest protector.
So we've got $25 bucks in hand, and $120 on the way. Not bad for people who thought they had nothing left to sell!
There's actually another gig that Hegazelle is scheduled for on January 13 for $25, but he won't let me tell about it until then. I can't wait... oh the stories we will have to tell about how we got outta debt!


Becky said...

Very interesting. I am going to look into this. We have sold on ebay before but have not tried Craigslist. We have some cement blocks and other large things that we need to sell. Thanks for the info. Keep up the blog, I enjoy it very much.

Katie Booker said...

So, I went on IE Craigslist because I thought, I too could get rich like He and Shegazelle seeing what people want from me.
In our WANTED ads we find ads like this:
I am looking for two young hens that lay blue or green eggs. I bought two chickens this past spring, and they just lay tan and off white eggs....if you have a proven color laying flock, please let me know (760)963-2590 Julie Hesperia
Good thing I happen to have 2 young hens that lay those blue eggs just walking around in my back yard!
And then we have this one:
I want antlers and they can be deer, moose, any kind.
I wenta huntin' and grabbed him a couple antlers of some moosen, geesen and deersen!

In our GIGS ads I also found a couple promising ones:
I'll trade a furnished room in my home for your handyman labor. One person (only) is needed. References required and no illegal drugs. Please call (951) 698-3744 for details.
I think I will call on this IMMEDIATELY!! I mean, who WOULDN'T trust someone asking for me to come stay in there house ALONE!!!

Alas, as you can see, I am not going to be as lucky as the gazelle family. I will have to think of another way to make some money!!! =)