Monday, January 14, 2008

Super Gazelle's Perspective and Selling Success

I'm back and with new perspective. Unfortunately, I cannot elaborate on all facets of my personal finances since many readers know me personally. But, suffice it to say Hegazelle and I have had a reality check of sorts, and now more than ever we know that this car has GOT to be PAID OFF FAST!! You just really never know what life is going to send your way, but I do know that I don't want it sending things my way when I have debt. Debt to me is like most hairy situations- if I can get out of it, I'll never get into it again.
As you can see from the little green piggy-o-meter up there, we've got about $8K to go on the car. In an average month we've been paying about $1,000 on it. At that rate, it's going to take 8 months. We say huh-uh. So we've got to step things up a notch to make this happen sooner. Now I know I have a way to go to beat MG in cutbacks, but some gazelles just can't be beat. :-) Usually we budget $100 per week for food. That includes groceries and dining out. Obviously the dining out was a weekend luxury that was eating the majority of that money. Last week, we still ate out, but carefully. Our groceries and dining out did not exceed $60- breakfast, lunch & dinner for 7 days. If we can squeeze it that tight every week (and with a few tips from MG we should be able to,) that's an extra $160 per month that can be used for debt reduction. I hope we can do it.
On the Craigslist front, we made $215 last week. Yesterday we sold our toaster oven for $20. Everyone at work is joking that nothing is safe. Anyway, if you're wondering why the car debt didn't decrease by $215, that's because it went towards our church remodel pledge. Also, the gig I mentioned before that Hegazelle was scheduled for on Jan 13th? It didn't pan out, and Hegazelle is only a little sorry about it. If you know him, ask him about it- he may tell you what it was. ;-)
That's about it for now. New perspectives and selling success. It's bittersweet. But today we are more determined than ever to outrun the cheetahs. Oh for that sweet day of rest...


MG said...

You can do it...;-)