Friday, December 14, 2007

Give the Gift of Common Sense

I seriously lack the qualities necessary to be a decent personal finance blogger. But I continue nonetheless. If nothing else, mom will always read and think it's dandy. :-)
If this has been your year of a total money makeover, I encourage you to share the gift with someone else. Of course there are good ways and not so good ways to gift people with personal finance books so be careful how you present it.
Giving the gift has been made VERY easy this year thanks to Dave Ramsey's deep discounts on his books and audio books. I bought several copies of The Total Money Makeover on CD yesterday for $10 each. I'm not sure who they will be gifted to, but in the course of conversation with people you can just tell when they're likely to be receptive of these ideas. People all around me have too much month and not enough money, but I can tell a personal finance book from me would not be well received. I'm too young to be handing out pf books to these people I guess. But every once in a while a door will open in a conversation- someone sees my envelope system and the questions start. That's when things get fun. And now, I have a gift I can give them. How cool is that?
Stock up on those books, give them away and know you've possibly changed a family tree.


PJ said...


This year, Shawna and I are giving you and Hegazelle a 12 CD FPU Audio CD set!

You'll LOVE it-I promise!

Katie Booker said...

Phillip and I have decided to bless She and Hegazelle with FPU mugs!
I'm sure they will love them as well!!!