Thursday, November 15, 2007

Shegazelle's Dictionary

Just to make things clear about where I stand on certain money issues, I may periodically provide you with entries from Shegazelle's Dictionary. This is not a publication that has been printed, but merely something that exists in my mind. Enjoy.

completely debt free (adj.)- does not owe ANYONE ANYTHING. This includes not having a mortgage, a car loan, a credit card (swipe it once and you have debt,) a family loan, a 401K loan, etc. This term describes someone who has ultimate financial freedom because they do not owe money and refrain from borrowing any.

debt free (adj.)- does not owe ANYTHING but a mortgage. This term includes all items listed under "completely debt free" with the exception of a house note. This is not achieved by consolidating debt into your home, ultimately placing your home at risk. This term describes someone who likely has financial peace and is soon likely to be "completely debt free."
**Note: This definition was not placed here to make one of my readers (who consolidated debt into their home and will FOREVER remain unnamed) feel bad. Their decision was made in ignorance, and they are aware of that.

School of Money (n.)- all the information in the world about money, how it works, etc.

School of Money Graduate
- GOD.

School of Money Student (n.)- Shegazelle and everyone else who is not a graduate.

There you have it folks, the first entries available from
Shegazelle's Dictionary. As you can see, it's all my opinions when it comes to money, and I do my best to base these opinions on the teachings of the School of Money Graduate. Hope you enjoyed it!


A.L. said...

Does GOD stand for Got Outta Debt? If not, it's pretty good, don't you think???? That would be a graduate in my book. (not to diminish at all the omnipotence of God, our Heavenly Father who didn't want us in debt in the first place) :)

SheGazelle said...