Wednesday, October 24, 2007


If you know me and know where I live, you're invited to an Arbonne party at my house on Tuesday, Nov. 13th @ 6:30pm. I went to an Arbonne party at a friend's house and it was a lot of fun and they actually have some cool stuff.
If nothing else, come cuz you like me and want to eat the free food.


PJ said...

I'll be there!! Sounds like SO MUCH fun!!

Katie Booker said...

Who knows, PJ, they may even have some hairspray for that "old school" hard look!

I wish it was the Tuesday before that instead of then. I'll be in town the Tuesday before. I'd love to come!

Deanna said...

Would love too! Think the drive may be little lengthy. Thanks though for the invite!=)

SheGazelle said...

Um, pj, how about you just have Shawna bring home some after-shave balm for you?
Deanna & KT, it's a great excuse to come stay with each of your mothers and go to a party with them! Don't give up so easily!

Katie Booker said...

I will be with mother the whole week before..don't think I could pull 2 weeks off =)