Monday, October 22, 2007

The Joys of Home Ownership

Oh yeah, nothin' better on a Friday night than to go rent a plumbing snake to clear the sewer line. It's like an annual thing at our house. I guess there's some tree roots that work their way in all year and block the line. It's great fun.
Ok, enough sarcasm. It's a disgusting job, so I stayed in the house and cleaned the carpet in our bedroom. Saturday morning I mowed the lawn, and tried to blow the leaves out of the yard. I had no luck since the wind was blowing. I decided God had a bigger leaf blower than me and gave up.
These are the fun things you do on the weekend when you have no landlord.
In other news, we've been sleeping in the spare room on the killer mattress since we thought we were getting a new bed on Saturday and moved our furniture into the spare room. Golly, I wish I was rich- I'd go buy a brand spankin' new mattress today. The crazy thing is the lady told us she got a higher, solid offer for $1300 from a guy in LA. The same day she told us that, she reposted the mattress again. If anyone is up for a game, email the lady and ask her if she's still taking offers on the mattress. If you want to read the ad first, here it is. Let me know what you find. This could be quite fun!


A.L. said...

I was wondering if the mattress is even hers to sell if the divorce is in progress....? Maybe you dodged a bullet there. Per her ad she has been sleeping on the couch...hmmm

Katie Booker said...

So I did it. I emailed her and said I was offering $1500. See her reply below......
Can you say SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes the bed is available.
My highest offer was $1700, but the person is being flaky and will not set a date to pick up the bed.
If you can come get the bed before Saturday I will take $1500.
Please call me at (559)997-7582 to work out details!
My name is Bridta (pronounced Brit-tah)


SheGazelle said...

I sure can say scam. **fuming** I'll email you some more fun in a minute...