Monday, September 3, 2007

I LOVE my car.

I knew I was meant to drive a Volvo since I was in junior high. Now I KNOW, I was meant to. Not only is it a terrific looking piece of machinery, it has terrific function as well. This 5 cylinder lovely that is my Volvo S60 averaged 32 mpg on our trip this weekend. Even with terrible traffic on the way there and MUCH driving while we were there, we used only a tank and a half.
Further confirmation that I was meant to drive a Volvo:
While perusing the shops at South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa, I walk out of Bloomingdales straight into my next vehicle- the Volvo XC90. We communed one with another. It was a beautiful moment as I sat behind the wheel of the vehicle I so often covet.
More exciting was the thought that I will be paying cash for this wonderful car.
What a lovely, lovely day.

(Did I mention that day is MANY days away?)


*cHrIsS* said...

South Coast Plaza? That's my neck of the woods... Hmmm... =O(