Thursday, August 2, 2007

My idol is 19 years old

Every few days or so it seems like God puts someone in my path to inspire me to continue my journey to financial peace. Whether they are making fun of my plan (which is one of my favorite fire fuelers) or they have a positive story of their own to tell.
I was talking with a couple of young people yesterday, one of which is a 19 or 20 year old young man. He has been planning for some time to purchase his dream car, and this is the subject we were discussing. At the other person's asking, this young man disclosed that he has $10K in the bank for the purchase. At 19! This kid has certainly raised the bar for me. He does live at home still, but he has forced himself since high school to tithe and live from 30% of his net income and save the rest. He has been called a loser and much more when he has had to decline a night out with friends. Yet he made it happen. WOW. I actually asked him if I could touch the hem of his shirt sleeve.
These are the kind of people that achieve wealth and success. These are the kind of people that God blesses with more because they handle well what He has already given them. And I want to be just like 'em.


PJ said...

Remninds me of the parable of the talents.

God WILL reward our prudent management of the resources he places in our care!

Tell your 19 year-old friend that "weirdness" is IN!

Katie Booker said...


I have a HONEST TO GOD Story that I just have to share!

I was at an "UNNAMED" friends house the other day and it was at least 106 outside. We were all inside the house and it was boiling hot..I asked her why she didn't turn the air on. She told me it was because they really didn't have the money to pay the SKY HIGH electric bill when it came in at the end of the month. Being the Gazelle that I have turned into I totally understood and decided to just bear the heat!
We hung out for a bit longer and then headed home. A few days later we got a call from "said friend" saying to come over and see something new they just bought! We were very happy for the friend, thinking that maybe it was a cost efficient house fan or something of the sort. We pulled in the drive way and there sat a BRAND NEW '07 Ford Pickup...Surely my eyes were deceiving me..but they were not! We asked and this friend said..Yes we got such a STEAL on it...It was only $40K and we have no payments til 08.....I screamed...RUN RUN THE CHEETAHS ARE EVERYWHERE....or...well I WISH I would have done that...but instead I was found SPEACHLESS!!!
So...I rest my case....I'd rather be RICH and Weird...than Cool and POOR!!!

PJ said...


For some strange reason, that doesn't suprise me! It's an extreme example, but is really indicative of the typical American mindset, isn't it?

I'm ashamed to say that I've had the bug a time or two myself...

Fortunately, I've shaved my head and drunk the kool-aid as more!

SheGazelle said...

Oh Lordy, that made me laugh out loud!
What a great story...and to think I used to sum up people's financial status by the car they drove. Well, I guess I still do, but now I see how broke they are!
And pj, the bug has bitten all of us before. It's just cool when you find the repellent!

PJ said...

Did you say, "Oh Lordy"? That SO sounded like you!