Wednesday, August 22, 2007

For the Love of High Speed

Apparently my time is up for $29.99 Comcast High Speed Internet. Exactly one year after I began service with them, they have doubled the price on me. When I called them I found out that they discriminate against people who don't own televisions and home telephones, because the best deals they could offer me on high speed internet came only with cable TV and home telephone service. I have neither, so I was up a creek.
I cancelled service.
One thing that has my dander up is the stinking monopoly that there seems to be with high speed internet. In my city I can choose between cable from one company or DSL from one company. No wonder rates are so high- they can live without me.
I called the other guys. The DSL guys- which happen to be AT&T. I'm sorry if you work there, but in general the organization seems to be incompetent at best. Did you know that it takes 45 minutes for them to order service for a person? And the list of fees rattled off at the end of the call was daunting.
Needless to say, the whole experience today has left my spirit destitute. And who knows now after all those fees if I'll even save any money by switching. I'll tell you: this relationship with high speed is certainly bittersweet.


Jana McVay said...

Call and see if Arilion Filtered DSL is available in your area. Tell them I referred you. Most likely it will be my father you speak with!