Monday, July 30, 2007

The Quest Continues

Remember what I said about living like no one else so later we could live like no one else? I had to apply that principle to a temptation this past week. How could I pass up a girlfriends trip to Disneyland? Take a couple days vacation, stay at an old friend's house and in general have a great time- I tried to make it work. I got the vacation approved at work. I didn't spend any money from my "blow" envelope all weekend. But any way I looked at it, the only way to make the trip happen was to temporarily abandon my current financial plan. Skip a mega payment on the car.
So, the short of it is that I faced the facts and decided to accept any displeasure my friends may have at my decision. Not bragging- just telling of the "teachable moment" I had with myself. If I start making trivial exceptions to the plans I have now, I'm sure to make dozens more in the future; causing me to reach my goals later than I anticipate. Discipline- it is a rough thing to impose on one's self. I am NOT very good at it. But I guess if I can manage to conquer myself like this once in a while, I might just get better at it.

Dave always says that maturity is the ability to delay pleasure. I feel a hundred years old today.

On another note, I just finished listening to the audio book of The Millionaire Mind this morning. This is an official recommendation.


PJ said...

Wow! Fantastic blog! I am truly inspired!

I've got to say that I admire your discipline! It takes guts to live "weird"-so kudos to you!

Note to self: go pick up the Dave Ramsey book.

Suggestion: maybe some sort of "Live Weird" bumper sticker or logo or something!

You've got something here!

SheGazelle said...

I guarantee you'll love the book.
There's actually a lovely selection of window decals available!
I love the decals, but I just can't seem to bring myself to stick one on my car window. BUT, I am looking to reward myself with personalized plates that tell the story...

PJ said...

Those are definitely funny! But...I DON'T think that I'm gonna get one, and put it on MY car!

I'm really curious as to what your personalized plate is going to say!

"Live Weird!"

SheGazelle said...

Not sure yet what it will say...whatever DMV has available at the time we pay off the car that tells the message well!

Katie Booker said...

how about I'm Weird...It's Paid For..on your license plate frame
And get a license plate that says GAZELLE!!!