Tuesday, July 31, 2007

QBQ! The Question Behind The Question

I just finished reading a book titled QBQ! The Question Behind the Question. It's a book about personal accountability and how to ask the right questions. I found a lot of the book to be relevant to work life. The tendency of most is to ask questions such as, "Why doesn't management give us the resources we need?" or "When will that department start doing their job?" QBQ's are questions that that eliminate the Who's, Why's and Whens and the They's and You's. QBQ's are What and How questions that should contain pronouns like I or Me. How can I be resourceful for this client? What could I do to complete the project on time?
I must admit, this book was a needful read for me. Irresponsibility, unreliability and inconsistency can really send me up a wall sometimes. Then I usually see the need to find a way to point it out to the offender when I feel I've been taken for granted.
I think QBQ's help you not to get your blood pressure so high. Asking the other questions just feeds the frustration. This doesn't mean I believe in being a doormat. This is about making things happen.

I guess that's why when I'm finished with my lunch here I'll be back outside helping the guys in the warehouse with their big project.

Where work is concerned, I have a goal to not be an employee forever. But I've created another goal for myself that makes every working day worthwhile. I want to make things simple for the person who follows me, but I want to make myself difficult to replace.

So the point today was not a book report, or to tout my goals in personal development, but rather to give you a reason to ask good questions. Give the stress up and make it happen.


PJ said...

Insightful post...

I've lived on both sides of the fence: as an employer, and as an employee. And I have to say, those that can master the concept you're advocating here are the ones that excel in life-both as an employee, and as an employer!

Because, at the end of the day, all that really matters is achieving results. Not the reason why "he" didn't do it, or evaluating who didn't do what they should have done. What wins in the market is results. And those who step in, and make it happen, win!

Love the post...yet ANOTHER book that I'll have to pick up based on your recommendation!

SheGazelle said...

And thanks for sharing your view from the "boss'" side of the fence!
The journey to winning is certainly a satisfying one!