Thursday, April 26, 2012


Everyone around me seems to be driving a new car.  It's intoxicating and almost more than a "car person" like me can stand.  We aren't even saving for a brand new vehicle, just a newer one with more room and fewer miles.  I think I'm on a minimum of twice a week.  *sigh*  My savings needs a shot in the arm.  Maybe I start mowing my own lawn again and squeeze the food budget as tight as we can get it.  I'll have to decide how much I'm willing to sacrifice to make this thing start moving.

We're also saving for a wooden swing set for the Little Gazelle.  LG has sold some candy bars, I've sold at work, and we've dumped out the bronze Piggy trying to get to $600.  We're 2/3 of the way!  Saving and waiting has been work for me and the Little Gazelle, but it's Hegazelle I feel for- he gets to assemble.  Yuck.