Friday, September 16, 2011's almost like the good ol' days again

I've been practicing something. I've been practicing saving my paycheck and living solely on Hegazelle's earnings. I was able to do it for the whole month of August! That was exciting to me. Not to mention it was a helpful boost to our car fund. So I'm gonna keep working at this- I may have to use my check occasionally if work is slow for HG, but whenever possible I wanna do our budget without it.

Meanwhile, my lawn guys quit showing up. Which would be understandable if I was a dead beat, but that's not the case. They took the last check and haven't returned. So we dusted off our lawn mower and I've mowed the last 2 weeks. I almost feel like I'm in debt again since the first thing I did when we paid it all off was hire these guys to do the yard. I'm trying to decide which I like better: saving the $80 a month or having someone else do the work. The jury's still out on that one.

The Baby Gazelle got a free twin bed 2 weeks ago. Waved good-bye to the crib and diapers in the same week. Free bed and no more diapers- sounds like money in my pocket. (If you know us, you can read the "baby's" blog. It's just set to private 'cause we don't want to share the pictures with strangers. Email me and I'll add you.)


Pookie Designs said...

Keep up the great work! You inspire me! :)