Friday, May 8, 2009

Nearing the Baby Gazelle's Arrival

For you guys over here that don't subscribe to Huey Happenings, I'll just let you know not to expect too much out of me for the next while. I'm 37 weeks pregnant and technically could have Baby Huey any time between now and June 13 (2 weeks overdue.) Therefore, you can understand we're a bit busy and about to get busier.

Huey's furniture arrived this week delivered and assembled free of charge. Everything looks great!
Hegazelle was approved Wednesday at work to take off for two weeks following Baby Huey's birth! Needless to say, we have been saving like mad gazelles to make provision for this time. Even though the state will eventually reimburse you up to 55% of your wages for family leave time, you gotta have something to live on while you wait for them to send you a check. One thing I have to say about the company Hegazelle works for- they certainly have a "family first" attitude. They make their support clear, and that's a certainly a nice thing.

I, of course am still working, though it seems to have adverse effects on my right ankle. Apparently sitting in an office chair for 35 hours a week while one is great with child prohibits proper circulation to one (or both) of the ankles. It won't be long though...
I have asked more than once what kind of deal they were going to make me on this furniture, but I have never really had that question answered. Now it's in my home. I think I may have my answer.


- Lindsy Weidner - said...

The room looks great! I have would love to sign up for baby hueys blog but I do not have you email!

Deanna Eccles said...

Hey... I would love to sign up also... but I don't have your email either... I'm glad you posted this on this blog so I could see what's been going on...let me know how I can get signed up on Huey's happenings so I can find out the latest on your little one!

SheGazelle said...

Email me at:

shegazelle at gmail dot com

to get the invite to Huey Happenings.