Sunday, May 17, 2009

Gazelle Grab Bag

Well, the refinance is about complete, and was the easiest thing ever. No bank=wonderful transaction. The loan holders mailed us a new payment schedule with the new 5% interest rate for the next 20 years. Even after knocking off 5 years of the loan, the lowering of the interest rate still lowered our payment. Only about $25, but still.
Heaven knows we'll need that $25 with a new baby coming soon. Wednesday I had a meeting at work to discuss the specifics of my maternity leave and also my new schedule working from home. Of course there are some things I won't be doing any more since I'll be at home, so my hours are reduced, and thus my pay. I don't care though- I can't afford, nor do I want daycare so that I can work full time at the office. I may have to revamp the budget, but I'm up to the challenge for Baby Huey's sake.
Hegazelle and I are both entering into our busy season at work- just in time to take off for the baby. lol Now we'll both be receiving those lovely state disability checks for our bonding time. It will be a nice feeling to get back a small portion of what I've paid to the state for the past 10 working years.