Friday, December 12, 2008

Home improvement=expensive

I tell you, a couple trips to the home improvement store can kill a person. Just over $400 later we have new hallway doors, trim and paint. Tuesday night we had dinner with my uncle and aunt, then headed over to The Home Depot. My uncle is superman, and he helped us get everything we needed to install new doors and door frames in our hall. By Wednesday night when we got home from work, Superman had installed all four doors and frames along with new door trim! Now we have painting to do. Tomorrow morning we rise early (for a Saturday) and paint the hallway, the new doors and trim, and the front bedroom which after painting will become the guestroom/office. I really despise painting, especially all the prep work (patching and masking) but I am hoping good company will make the job less yucky. We're not painting the baby's room yet since we've yet to find bedding to match the paint with. My cousin told me about a huge fabric store in Orange County, and I'm hoping to find what I'm looking for there and have the bedding made. Then when that's done maybe I can con some more friends into helping me paint that room...

On another note, did you know that Walgreens is basically paying me to take laundry detergent this week?! I'm going back over and over again 'till I have detergent coming out of my ears! Since I'm lazy, I'll let Mercedes tell you how you can do it too! Just click here for the scoop.