Monday, December 29, 2008

Gazelles use coupons even when shopping online

It's true. Before every purchase I make online- Ebay,, etc.- I google for coupon codes. I even did it when the boss asked me to purchase the company Christmas cards and saved $26 off the order. Every little bit helps. Recently I started logging into Big Crumbs before I go to any online retailer. With just two purchases, I've already earned $9.41 cash back. Cash back programs for online shopping are not uncommon, and are a wise and nearly effortless way to save money on purchases.

So here is a shameless referral link, because I also earn cash back if my referrals use!
Check out


Jana McVay said...

Have you tried Mr. My hubby loves shopping thru that site. Some of the rebate %'s are awesome!

Anonymous said...

Are you a Crumbsaver or Crumbearner??

Anonymous said...

Fishing4Coupons is a good website, I got some great deals at Dicks Sporting Goods through it.