Thursday, October 30, 2008

Has it been 9 months yet?

I have never been to the doctor so much in my life. As a kid I never even had a doctor- in fact I never got sick enough to worry my parents until my senior year of high school when I caught some everlasting bug. But when a baby's on the way...good grief, doctors appointments abound.
My health coverage is provided for me by my very generous employer. Until September of this year, the only thing I paid for was a $20 co-pay if I visited the doctor. After September, our plan switched to a $30 co-pay and $1500 yearly deductible. I applauded this change made by my employer because of the immense amount of money it saved the company.
The explanation of benefits for our new plan states that prenatal visits are $0 and not subject to a deductible. Little did I know, that the ultrasounds conducted during such office visits are subject to the deductible. In other words, I pay until the amount exceeds $1500 for the year. So now I'm on the hook for a needless ultrasound that was done at 4 weeks (the doctor told me we wouldn't see anything) and goodness knows what other poking and blood taking they've done to me that isn't considered a part of the "office visit."
Of course, I don't give my money away that easy. I've talked to our company's insurance broker (a swell guy). I've talked to our company's HR manager. Then, after giving the lab about 7 vials of blood today, I marched in to the Kaiser Member Services office with my bill and benefits list for a chat. A grievance will be filed on my behalf, so that I can get some of these needless charges off of my back. I will also be receiving a more detailed explanation of coverage book.

Until then, I don't think I'll even let them weigh me or check my blood pressure.


Katie Booker said...

Make sure if you sneeze that you don't use one of their kleenex either. Just use your sleeve...its much cheaper in the long run!! =)