Monday, July 14, 2008

Narrow minded me

Do you know how boring things can get when you only take out enough cash every week for food and fuel and pay every other penny on your debt? After you've done all the free stuff you can think of (couponing was not intended to be recreation) you tend to grow a desire towards entertainment that costs money. Thankfully we have some really great friends that think we're fun enough to be around even for free stuff. We even hung around at a hospital on Saturday night with some friends while waiting for a friend upstairs to have her baby. Good company can fix most anything.
Ok- enough of my whining. You just better believe things are gonna loosen up as soon as that car is paid off!
Hegazelle made an extra $50 tonight. Every little bit helps.
We are so one track minded these days it sorta hurts my head. Focused so intensely on the goal...we can think of nearly nothing else. So today I again allowed myself to entertain those thoughts of how we might celebrate on that not so distant day. I really do want to throw a party. I'll bet I have to wait a week or two after the payoff since it's likely all our money will be used for that last payment. Hegazelle says he wants to celebrate by spending money on a massage to relieve his weary muscles. I think I'd just like to thoughtlessly spend some money!
Enough of my ramblings. My mind is so one track right now I can't even blog right.