Friday, July 11, 2008

Hegazelle Works Hard and Fast Toward a Payoff

The air conditioner. One of the most beautiful inventions made by man. And because this wonderful machine often breaks (quite often in extreme temperatures when it's needed most,) Hegazelle has a job. My DH is an HVAC technician, and where we live it's been warm lately. QUITE warm, actually. Certainly warm enough to break a whole lot of air conditioners.
At the rate Hegazelle has been working, it nearly seems he's trying to pay off the car by next Friday! Wednesday he billed 17 hours- the other days this week he's averaged around 12 hours. Needless to say, after that many hours in 112 degree heat, he's exhausted. I monitor him constantly about his liquid intake. He's very good about drinking water all day. I made him drink Gatorade with his dinner last night for good measure. I know you think all a gazelle would see is dollar signs, but it ain't worth a thing if he kills over from heat exhaustion and dehydration. And now the poor guy has to work on Saturday! Sorta makes me feel like a bum since I work indoors...

Check back later- I haven't gotten my check yet, but when I do you'll see how close that piggy gets to the $1000's!