Thursday, May 8, 2008

The weekend is upon us

I'm worn out. I mowed the yard, rested a few minutes, then went for a walk. We walked to a nearby fast food joint for roast beef sandwiches since I was tired and didn't feel much like cooking. Now I'm thinking I should have just cooked. We did see our city councilman walking the district while we were out though. I have been calling his office off and on about some neighborhood issues for a couple years now, but I only ever get to talk with his staffers. Since my issues remain unresolved, the thought crossed my mind that I should take him by the neck of the shirt and walk him right over to my problem. After all, he's looking for reelection next month, so maybe he'd be more inclined to work for my vote. I let the thought pass and allowed the man to continue his walk.

Tomorrow, is of course my favorite day, and the first day Hegazelle will receive a check under the new pay system. If our calculations are correct, in this first week of the program, his income will jump over 40%. I'm crossing my fingers till morning when we see the direct deposit. The anticipation is killin' us!