Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Gazelle Holiday: Camping

After 2 or 3 years of talking about it, this time we're finally going. Camping that is. For sure it's us gazelles along with Ma and Pa, and possibly a couple friends if they are of a mind to join us. Our plan is to go the first weekend in June, but our favorite campground is booked out thru July. So, Ma and Pa are the designated campground scouts, diligently scouting out the land for a lovely spot near some water.
My original thoughts included renting the smallest RV available, but after finally getting a call back and a quote from a local RV rental joint, I think that's completely out of the picture now. $450 for one weekend?! Yowsers. I don't know what my next plan will be, but I will certainly have to research some other options. Like sleeping in the Volvo. Or something.


mg said...

Ma and Pa?? When did we become the Beverly Hillbillys?? LOL I think Rock Creek will be as good a place as any.Lets make the Reservations. And, "Ma & Pa" may just be able to help you out with a place to sleep...If your not apposed to a tent...a rather nice-large tent, I might add.

A.L. said...

Good luck to you....I enjoy the great outdoors looking out through the beauty of a clean window, or from a lawn chair in the backyard watching the kids in the pool until the mosquitos start biting, then I am back indoors. Take lots of insect repellent! :) A.L.