Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Thanks, friends, for joining Financial Peace University!

Both orientations are complete for the Financial Peace University class starting in my area on May 6. I hope there's room for me- it sounds like it may be a packed house. I really want to go thru the new course since it's been updated this past year.
Many of those who are enrolled in the class are friends of mine. It means so much to me that either a.) they responded positively to my invitation to join the class, or b.) they were inspired by the positive changes in my financial life as detailed in this blog. I am also excited that I don't have to become rich alone!! :-D
The only drawback I can possibly foresee is in the area of the group discussions that take place at each class. Since many in the class will know each other, some may be reluctant to open up, ask questions, or discuss circumstances for fear that the information might, shall we say, "leave the room." If I can diffuse that now by means of this post, let me do so. What's discussed in class should stay in class. You may not be a private person, and willing to divulge all of your personal information down to your salary. Nothing wrong with that. Keep in mind on the other hand, that to many people, personal finance is exactly that: personal. The fact that they are even showing their face in class may be a big step for them because of assumptions that could be made about them. The bottom line: we're in this together, and all that we should share outside of class are the positive changes that are happening because of it!
Also, if you have joined Financial Peace University at my urging, and you are expecting miracles in your finances, think again. If you have behavior issues when it comes to money, you will be no better off than when you started- unless you change YOU. Unfortunately for all of us, as Dave says, money is 80% about behavior and only 20% about knowledge. You'll get the knowledge you need from FPU, but that is all. Class doesn't start until May 6, so you can start dealing with the issue of YOU now. That's six whole days you can spend with the man in the mirror. ;-)


Anonymous said...

I must say, it is quite exciting to see so many people interested this time. We have 24 registered folks and about 8 that are not sure. You and hubby are ALWAYS welcome anytime we have class!

On a side note, I must reiterate what you said regarding confidentiality. We do touch on many personal subjects; some are very difficult. Please be assured that everything discussed stays in the walls of that room. We hope people share personal experiences (I know I will) to help others understand that they are not alone. All situations are unique but there are some common threads and it helps to have insight from your peers.

Look forward to seeing each of you there!

The Facilitator