Monday, April 7, 2008

My New Sport

I must say, I have become quite the hyper-miler. While I am not using most of the tricks of the World's Greatest Gas Miser, Wayne Gerdes, I have managed to reduce my average $30/week gas usage to about $15/week. Hegazelle gets embarrassed sometimes, especially if we get passed up by senior citizens, but he still wants me behind the wheel because I'm saving us money. I'm gonna have to give him hyper-mileage lessons. I just laugh at people- racing past me to get to the red light. Then I coast up beside them as the light turns green and I continue with them, never using my brakes. At $3.50/gallon, this is certainly my new sport of choice.


Laurie said...

Maybe that's why I get such good gas mileage. I'm a slow poke! By the way, love the makes me feel at home. :) A.L.

*cHrIsS* said...

So funny! I'm a real granny behind the wheel (just ask A.L. and B.M.!), so I do pretty good on gas as well. Not for the sake of saving gas, though, I suppose. Just because I've been scared straight by too many tickets!!! LOL