Thursday, April 3, 2008

Come on Friday

Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday. And pay day. And budget day. Have I mentioned I like Fridays?
Tomorrow we're taking mom out. For Mother's Day last year we gave gift certificates for a Starbucks date with us. Can't break the bank when you're paying off debt right? So we figured our moms might want to have coffee with us sometime (maybe.) Since the certificates expire this coming Mother's Day, mom (who forgot she had said certificate) is redeeming hers tomorrow night. Should be nice...I'm looking forward to an iced chai latte and some reduced fat coffee cake.

Also, this weekend, we're going to a small, local resort at the lake. The Boss gave me the certificate at Christmas time for a night at the resort and dinner for two at the restaurant there. This was his gift to me for five years of deciphering his handwriting- or something like that. :-)

I'm tired and wishing today was Friday already. Things are busy at the office with plenty of work to do, so maybe the rest of today and tomorrow will fly by.


Anonymous said...

Have fun at BL :)


MG said...

Had a great time on our belated Mothers day date! But if that coffee was decaf, I'll eat my hat! It keep me up till midnight! lol It was worth every sip though. Thanks a bunch,