Tuesday, February 19, 2008

My Blog is Now Making Money

I've done it again. I'm always looking for good ways to make some extra money, and I do believe that I've found another new way to do so. I believe I first heard of PayPerPost on Give Me Back My Five Bucks. Krystal makes a decent amount of spare change writing sponsored posts on her blog for PayPerPost, and yet her blog remains as a good read- not one cluttered by ads and constant off-topic sponsored posts. I figured if I handled the sponsored posts like she has, I could make the extra money, avoid annoying my readers, and maybe actually tell you about some great stuff along the way.
Like me, you could all use some extra cash. I only know a couple of people who don't. If your blog is at least 30 days old, and you've got at least 10 posts on it, you can join PayPerPost too. If you're pretty regular about writing in your blog, this would be easy money for you. PJ, this could save you from your nerve wracking job of performing weddings on the weekends! Shane & Deanna, you guys each have a blog, so you could double your money. AL, you might even be able to make a few bucks to fund the "Snack Envelope" for those kiddos!
If you give it a try, let me know how it works out for you. And by the way, I just made $20 typing this very post!
Check out payperpost and see how you could be making money too.


Anonymous said...

Cool! Thanks for the tip. I'm gonna look into this. I could definatly use the extra $$$. =)

Deanna said...

opps forgot my name!!!