Friday, February 29, 2008

February Goals Recap

I'm glad it's warming up a little so I can wash my car myself now. Hegazelle and I just finished washing both cars, and we're about ready for a Saturday nap. Washing our cars ourselves will save a few bucks a week for something else.
I'll be getting back to you shortly with the abbreviated version (remember, we can't tell all) of our March Goals. But for now, here's the February Goals Recap:

  1. Reduce debt by $900. Done. By the hair of our chiny chin chins. No matter, it feels good to have paid $917 on our debt this month.
  2. Save enough money by President's Weekend for a bed. Done. Not only did we get to buy our bed, nightstands & a cheery orange throw, we got to spend some time visiting with family while we were out of town making the trip to IKEA. Thanks to my uncle for hauling it all in his van the following weekend when he came for my grandmother's birthday. It would have been a miserable trip home with all that crammed in our Volvo. And thanks to the cousin who hauled it from my grandmother's house to ours. Hegazelle put it all together and it looks so groovy. Not to mention we are sleeping very well.
  3. Save and give $300 to church building fund. We fell a little short on this one, but not too bad at $230. Only $800 to go before July.
  4. File taxes. Done as of last night. We went through everything 3 times to make certain we hadn't missed any deductions. We were sure we had missed something because our refund was so low (which is certainly better than owing.) Turns out, we made more money than we did last year so our tax rate was higher. Fine with me that we made more money; not fine that the government takes so stinkin' much.
Three out of four is better than nothing. If I set my goals low enough every month I could meet 'em every time! But that, of course, would be no fun.