Saturday, December 8, 2007

Hegazelle and food: the bad and the good

My husband has NOT lost weight because of an underfunded food envelope!

Hegazelle has lost 20lbs since the beginning of the year. While I know some think our weekly food budget is low (I contend it could be cut significantly since we still eat out,) the truth is we eat well. We share meals when we eat out, but we are always full when we leave a restaurant- we even take leftovers home sometimes. But we both want it to be clear to our readers and especially to those who know us- Hegazelle lost the 20lbs due to a year of constant stomach sickness not because of Dave Ramsey!
We have not been able to nail it down to any particular food item or food class. It could have been Crohn's Disease or Celiac Disease. We don't know and neither do the doctors. But when food hurts you, you tend to eat a whole lot less.
I don't know how many readers are "believers" or believe in miracles at all, but it seems one has occurred for hegazelle. We were at church last Sunday night, as usual. Of course our services are anything but usual...but I digress. After the preaching, the minister called for anyone who needed a miracle to come to the front and pray for it. Of course with hegazelle's yearlong, undiagnosed and seemingly untreatable sickness, he needed a miracle. So he went to the front and prayed for his need and then we left. About Tuesday night of this week he realizes that he has eaten almost 6 meals with NO SICKNESS! It has been nearly a week now, and he is enjoying his food like a normal person. It may sound small or coincidental to some, but not to us.
It's no fun eating with someone for a year who fears food for the pain it causes and often declines the foods he used to love. Now it seems eating will be fun again! Hegazelle states he has no interest in gaining that 20lbs back. I don't care- I'm just glad he's had a normal week.


A.L. said...

Thank you Jesus! We've been praying for that miracle. It's so good to hear he is doing well!

Katie Booker said...

WOW...that is awesome! I'm so happy to hear that! God is so GOOD!