Tuesday, November 27, 2007

What's on your list?

The business section of the paper is bound to tell us sooner or later what the hot item is this Christmas. The item that "everybody" wants. Strangely enough, I've never had any of the items listed yearly as "hot" on my Christmas wish list.
While I wouldn't mind a new MacBook like PJ over at Myndfood, it's not on my list this year.
If a rich person were asking me for my Christmas list, it would be simple:

1. a good king size mattress

I need that worse than PJ will ever need that MacBook. Although, he did offer me a mattress- one that was recently soiled. Maybe I should specify in my Christmas list that I'd like a non- soiled good king size mattress.
However, no rich people have ordered a copy of my Christmas list, so I'm keeping my list full of "budget friendly" items this year. Lucky for me, my family has returned the favor and submitted great lists with affordable items. Cash in hand, I'm officially ready to shop.
What's on your wish list this year?


MG said...

Well, since I don't play the lotto or know of any rich and deathly sick uncles in the wood pile, the first thing on my list is gonna take a miracle. But, then they do happen once in awhile...

A.L. said...

I would love a nice big recliner....alas....we have the same uncles. I will be content with whatever comes my way. I have much to be thankful for.

PJ said...

I propose this (and I'm serious):

Put up a donation link (to Paypal) on the site, and I'll donate toward your mattress...your sage advice and uplifting encouragement has made a significant financial difference in our lives, and a workman, they say, is worthy of his hire...

Set it up, and I'll be the first donor!!


SheGazelle said...

=-O I couldn't!
This is the place where I tell of my personal finance highs and lows. I want to tell the story without obligating my readers. Since most of my readers are traveling the journey just as I am (as opposed to having "arrived") I just couldn't.
So, in honor of my future mattress purchase, everyone pay extra on your debt snowball this December!
Thank you though for the offer, honestly!