Friday, October 19, 2007

My Mattress Beats Me Up

No joke. My mattress takes the muscles out of my shoulders while I'm sleeping, ties them in knots, and puts them back before I wake up. I think it also punches me in the back very hard as I am ridiculously sore every morning. Same for hegazelle. This is a 3 year old Simmons Beautyrest Pillowtop mattress, not some old yardsale castaway. Within the first year, there was a major dip in the middle. This mattress was actually a replacement for the first defective one that did the exact same thing. So, my muscles would get stiff from fighting all night not to roll into the ditch in the middle. Then hegazelle fixed it. He placed a board in the center between the mattress and boxspring to offer support to the dip. This worked great-for a while. We now have what I refer to as the two hammocks; two dips with a bump in the middle. All in all, this mattress stinks and has been killing our backs for some time. But rather than spend the money on another conventional mattress, we set our sites on the Tempurpedic Sleep System. We knew it was gonna take a good chunk of money and probably wouldn't become a reality until after we were debt free and had 10K in the bank.
Have I mentioned before that I love Craigslist ? For a while I have been searching for Tempurpedic mattresses on Craigslist. There were always only a few, and they were mostly the base model mattresses with no airflow layer. Those retail for around $1500, and were listed on craigslist for $800. Well, last Saturday a lady posted a king size (we're sleeping on a queen now) DeluxeBed Tempurpedic Sleep System. She and her husband purchased the set for $2700 in February, and are selling because they're divorcing. So she posted an ad on craigslist asking for offers by email. I made her a very low offer, because until my bed actually stabs me in the back, I won't die sleeping on it. She emailed me yesterday- she is accepting my offer of $675! I'm shocked and stoked all at the same time.
I'll be sure to let you know how I sleep when I get it!
P.S. It may have been purchased the first time with MasterCard, but rest assured the second time it was bought with CASH!