Sunday, September 30, 2007

Lemonade: 5 cents

I remember being a little entrepreneurial at times as a kid. Sometimes, if I could convince them, the neighbor kids and me would set up a lemonade or Kool-Aid stand on the sidewalk. We NEVER had success, but we did attempt it more than once. We ended up enjoying the lemonade ourselves, with not so much as a nickel in our pockets.

Here I am a few years later with my own grown up version of my lemonade stand. Only this time, I'm not attempting to sell lemonade. On sale today- Fall Floral Arrangements. Here's the pitch:

Call it what you want: Fall Floral Arrangement, Pumpkin-O-Gram, Harvest Flowers- I don't care.
Use them for whatever purpose you want: Send them to someone you love this fall to express your thankfulness for them, display them at your office to show your festive side, or get them for your own enjoyment- I don't care.

Just get one, or convince someone you know to get one!
Here's what it is:
1 fall squash, otherwise known as a pumpkin, hollowed
flowers are placed in water in a removable container in the pumpkin for easy water changes
$35 delivered
(within 20 miles of my location)

So here I sit at my stand, waiting to make a few cents, hoping someone who reads this is either A. not on the Dave Ramsey Plan, B. is on the plan, but is on Baby Step 4-7, or C. is on Baby Step 1-3, but has $35 in their blow envelope. And like my lemonade, I am prepared to have little success and to enjoy these myself.

Here are a bunch of pictures of the same two arrangements: one for my home, one for my office. The photographer in me doesn't allow me to take just one picture per item. Dumb, I know, but I can't help it.


Katie Booker said...

Those are really cute! So basically, I will take money out of my envelopes so you can put it in yours =)

SheGazelle said...

Yes. I think everyone should take their money out of their envelopes and put it in mine. That's my latest plan for financial peace.

PJ said...

now THAT'S the shegazelle that I know!!

On another (slightly more serious) note: They're REALLY cool! You shouldn't be so apologetic though! How does one go about moving money from their envelope into yours?

SheGazelle said...

Paypal works.
The more direct approach to moving the money to my envelopes is I come and take it.