Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Just some stuff

Summer seems to have come and gone with no season of heat waves to bring overtime to hegazelle. This is disappointing, as we were counting on a big OT spike to catapult us through this car debt. However, I am thankful that there has been work at all. A couple that went through Financial Peace University with us have not had steady work at their jobs since Easter. Their troubles only compound further since they purchased a new home in December. It is now up for sale. Truly, I haven't much to complain about.
*Bossy Bonus- If you're going to sell your home, get a good realtor. Everyone thinks they know what their doing because they sold houses quickly in what was a hot market about two years ago. With foreclosures occurring at such an alarming rate, if you need to get out of your house to save your skin, don't try to save a buck by skipping a good realtor.

I didn't think I had a problem with a prideful spirit, but I am being humbled nonetheless. Since I got new brakes and rotors, I have had pride issues. Apparently, with the thickness of the new brakes and rotors and the calipers, there now exists a rubbing condition that makes NOISE. I keep looking around for an old Pontiac when I'm driving down the road, only to realize it's me. When I was told it would take a couple hundred miles or so to go away, I reset my trip odometer. 190 miles later, it hasn't quieted down a bit. Maybe at exactly 200 miles the noise will instantly cease. 10 more embarrassing miles to go...

By the way, I just realized- it's 10 after 6 and I'm home alone blogging because hegazelle is working still! Maybe a little OT will come our way after all!


Katie Booker said...

I hope things pick up for Hegazelle.
Just remember you've done good on making a financial statement this sense in getting down now!
*It's Gonna Be A Bright, Bright, Bright, Bright Sun Shiney Day*

SheGazelle said...

Oh, it's not that it's been bad- it's just been normal as opposed to exceptional.
But due to my new vehicle parts, my pride is certainly down! hehe...