Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Shegazelle: Alumni, Financial Peace University

You may have noticed on Dave's site something called "Financial Peace University" and wondered what it is exactly. From April to July our Monday nights were spent at this course, and I am certain it has played a vital role in our TMM. Financial Peace University is a 13 week course taught by Dave (via DVD) and is facilitated in local areas by good people who want to see people break their chains of debt. These people don't get paid, they just take on the burden of providing the course. At the end of Dave's teaching each night we had group discussions. One night, everyone who had credit cards brought them to class where they underwent plastic surgery- they had a "plasectomy".
At week 7 the class totaled up our collective debt. We did so again on week 13. Collectively we paid off around $22K in 6 weeks! Talk about a great return on investment!
Each night focused on a certain subject in detail; obviously more detail than could fit in the TMM book. The lessons were as follows:

Super Savers
Cash Flow Planning
Relating With Money
Buying Only Big, Big Bargains
Dumping Debt
Understanding Investments
Understanding Insurance
Retirement & College Planning
Buyer Beware
Real Estate & Mortgages
Career & Extra Jobs
Collection Practices & Credit Bureaus
The Great Misunderstanding
One invaluable item that is included in the FPU kit is the entire course on Audio CD's for you to refresh your memory in the future if necessary.
We managed to convince another couple and also my parents (only dad needed true convincing) to join the class too. It is great to have others to share this excitement with. I was quick to refer my parents to the passage in Proverbs 13 which states " A good man leaveth an inheritance to his children's children." I'm certain my father wants to be a good man. :-D
During this time, my spouse prayed a prayer that was answered in rather quick fashion. He prayed that God would bless us for trying to take better care of His money. I guess God figured that was fair because a pay raise came the next morning. It's like Dave often says on his show: it's like God looks down and says, hey, there's a guy who can handle the things I give him. I think I'll give him some more!
So if you're in the midst of your own Total Money Makeover, be prepared to run into some unexpected financial blessings. I guarantee it.

Bonus photo:
Here's Dave Ramsey giving us a picture of what we look like in the midst of our debt mess.

Guess we look a little silly!


PJ said...

Hmm... Financial Peace University, huh?

I hope you'll expand on some of the notable point/lessons in future posts?

SheGazelle said...

I"ll give it a shot. Or we could loan you our set of CD's to copy to your PC?
(I do believe I work with someone from your church who might serve as courier...)