Friday, August 10, 2007

Good Spouse? Count your blessings!

As Billy Hill would say when his bow gets stuck in his nose, "I'm OK!" I have recovered from my covetousness. I went to the Regent Seven Seas website to check out prices on sailings on the Paul Gaugain cruise ship to Tahiti. Doable. Of course that will be after Baby Step 3, but I'm just fine with that.

Dave talks a lot on his show and in his books about working together with your spouse on your finances. I am often amazed after a day of The Dave Ramsey Show how many callers called because they and their spouse could not seem to work together on a spending plan.
I suppose I have been naive enough to believe that every couple would want to work this plan together. Apparently that is not always the case.
What a difficult road this would be for me if my spouse was indifferent to or fully opposed to working this plan! I often whisper a prayer of thanks that he is on board and has the eyes to see years down the road to the benefits.
When I loan out my audio book of the Total Money Makeover to someone, I tell them about 45 times not to listen to it without their spouse. I think it's because I remember the drive when we heard it together, and the excitement we both had when the light came on for us. Either one of us, had we listened to it alone, could have botched the explanation of the plan to the other.

The point: If you're experiencing your own Total Money Makeover, count your blessings if your spouse is as thrilled and involved as you are. That's a large percentage of what's gonna make this work so well for us all.

Bossy Bonus: If you haven't established life insurance for both you and your spouse, now is the time. It's cheap and it's the smart thing to do.

Happy Friday/Payday/Budget Day!


PJ said...

Hey! I agree with you WHOLHEARTEDLY! If I had listened alone, and tried to explain to my spouse, I KNOW it would have come off as accusatory!

As it was, it was eye-opening for both of us, and because we listened together, we both recognized that WE-INDIVIDUALLY-were the problem; it wouldn't have been the same if we'd listened on our own!

And, as Dave says, if you can't, as a married couple, get together on the importance of good money-management, then you need to step back, and work out some things in your marriage.

Anyways-great post gazelle! Blog on!

PJ said...

Oh! And I'm curious: why would you torture yourself like that? Is it, according to Ramsey, healthy to tempt yourself by going to the Reagent Seven Seas site, and drooling over the cruise destinations?

Just curious...

SheGazelle said...

I figure I need to know how much to save an' all...

Katie Booker said...

DITTO with everything PJ is sooo true to listen to it TOGETHER! Phillip and I have and now we listen to is seperately and then compare notes. I do have to admit that Phillip has listened to it WAY more than I have..but that is just because most of his day is spent in the car driving.

But, please listen to the warning of SHEGAZELLE, DO NOT ATTEMPT TO LISTEN TO may regret it! =)