Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Debt-Free Dreams

Often I dream of the day when we will make that last payment. My plan is for it to be one of the HUGEST days of celebration in our life. So let me share here some of what I imagine for that day.

First thing- we're both taking the day off. Milestone life events require days off from work.

Likely it will be on a Friday since that is payday for both of us- this is cool because I dig Fridays.
Fridays on the Dave Ramsey Show are called "Debt Free Friday". This is my favorite day of the show because Dave lets people call in who've recently become debt free and he lets them scream "I'M DEBT FREE" at the end of their call. You've gotta listen to a Friday broadcast archive if you've never heard it. Sooo, that Friday we will start at 11am trying to call in on Dave's show so we can scream. Hopefully we'll be able to get thru on that day.

Another thing I dream of is going down to the DMV to pick up my personalized plates that say something like NO PYMNT. From there I'll go pick up a personalized plate frame that may read something like "Normal is Broke. I wanna be WEIRD!" Hehehe...I get giddy just thinking about it all.

Then I'd like to throw myself a Debt Free Party. Then I can invite all the weirdos and family over (sometimes those are one in the same) and we can eat and chat with any "normals" who may be there.

So that's my plan for the day of debt freedom. It gets wackier the more I think about it. I think of decorating my car much like they do for a bride and groom- cans trailing behind with lots of streamers and window paint that says "Just Paid-For." Then I can just drive around all day.
Yeah, weird I know. But it sure is fun to dream.


PJ said...

Giddy? That's weird!

So, yeah...I'm with you on the "it's-exciting-to-dream-of-the-day-we're-debt-free" thing. I'm excited about it too! And "NOPYMNT" is pretty cool, I think! I can even deal with the "Just-Paid-For" written on your streamer-decorated car.

What I'm having a hard time imagining is you (and hegazelle), whom I know (have known since, oh, I dunno, like third grade?), GIDDY and screaming "I'M DEBT FREE!!" at the top of your lungs! The vision cracks me up!

Be sure and let us know beforehand; we all want to make sure we're listening-because THAT I've gotta hear!

Blog On!

PJ said...

OH YEAH! I forgot to mention! We got set up at our church to moderate the FPU program. We'll be starting it, for the first time, in about 6 weeks! We're also going to do the FPU for Teens program!

We're excited!!! Almost Giddy, in fact!

Katie Booker said...

Hahaha...I'm with you on that PJ, please DO call all of us when you do your scream because I too want to hear it! Hey maybe we can all do it together! Have one MASSIVE scream heard all over California.

Shegazelle, can't wait to see the new license plates!

SheGazelle said...

:-D What can I say?

If people will "get it", I think FPU can rock your church. What a difference it could make if all God's people lived in victory over their money?! Just think how liberally the people will be able to give when they aren't worried about making the next payment on that luxury import in the parking lot!

Sounds like you guys are all over it!

Anonymous said...

Hi - I did a google search for "We're debt free!" and found your blog. I was so excited to see that we're not the only ones who want to have a Debt Free Celebration party! We got our neighbors on board so we're going to invite them over for dinner and everyone has to bring a dish under $x with copies of the recipe. Then we'll give out prizes for best tasting and cheapest. I think we'll also do a "Guess the # of beans in the jar" game.

We're going to be debt free in 13 days and I can't even tell you how excited we are!!!! You'll be joining us before you know it so good luck to you and keep up the gazelle intensity!

SheGazelle said...

13 days... I am most certainly jealous.