Wednesday, July 25, 2007

We'll see how this goes...

I'm not likely to be as intense a blogger as I am a budgeter. I am only trying this because at times I get so excited about our achievements that I want to tell everyone I know. Since I know not everyone is interested, I refrain. So this way, I can tell people one thing- I have a blog, read if you wish. I think this will help me release the excitement I am utterly bursting with.

Anyway, one thing I must get out of the way first and foremost is the rules. Don't use my name. That's all. Easy, eh?

I'll speak shortly today as I am short on time at the moment. Later I will elaborate on our "story." Cool thing of the day: we got a recall notice in the mail for an item we already paid to have repaired on our car. All I had to do was take my receipt in to the dealership and wait for the manufacturer to mail me the check. That means a bonus $618 buckeroos comin' my way!! You gotta love it when something besides bills show up in the mail.

More later.